Business and General Aviation Association of Romania
Student Pilot Light Member Member  Gold Member
Car Rental Discounts Yes yes Yes Yes Avis and Miiles Program
Hotel Discounts Yes Yes Yes Yes program
Fuel Discounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Negociated with local and International Providers
Charts and Navigation Aids Discounts Yes  Yes Yes Yes Rocketroute, Jeppesen, and Pilot Shop Discounts
Advocacy Yes Yes Yes Yes In case og any issues regarding procedures of Romatsa or Flight Control or Airport Authorities or problems that concerns the safety , easyness and respect that should be associated with General Aviation, AOPA will take action in your name.. 
Accident Reports in Romania Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Flight Restriction and aviation Ads Yes Yes Yes Yes
To be alected in the Bord of Directors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Legal Coverage No Yes Yes Yes One-on-one legal advice, potentially worth thousands of euros, Fast, professional action on medical and pilot certificate questions and issues, Tips and advice from attorneys and medical experts to help you stay healthy, fly smarter and avoid problems with the FAA or JAA
The Right to Vote in Organisation in General Assemeby No Yes Yes Yes To elect memebrs of the Bord and vote in the annual comitee
To Be Vice President/ President No Yes Yes Yes
Aircraft Insurace Discounts No No Yes Yes Special Deals that AOPA Romania has with internation Insurance Brokers
Aircraft Financing No No Yes Yes We help you to finance your aircraft through our local Bank Parner
Airport Discounts No No Yes Yes On local airports for Handling, Passenger Fees, Security and Landing Fees
International Discounts No No Yes Yes Discounts for Airports all over Europe, Turkey, Estern Countries. Ex Greece, Moldavia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, France, Italy  
Free Entrance To AOPA Paid Events No No No Yes
Dispatching and Credit for Traveling No No No  Yes All Traveling charegs like Airport Charges, Car Charges are to invoinced to AOPA and paid by memebr end of month. Flyingt approval, slot and flight plan submitied by AOPA Dispatch for you.
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