Business and General Aviation Association of Romania

Mission Statement

Business and General Aviation Association  of Romania  (B.G.A.A. of Romania), a not-for-profit membership association promotes the economy, safety, and popularity of flight in Romania serving the interests and needs of its members as aircraft owners ,pilots and partners 


We belive in evolution as Romania has to change in order to become more attractive for Aviation

We believe in teamwork and cooperation throughout all layers of Institutions and people involved in Aviation

We believe in the economy of transportation  and development of Romania through General Aviation.


To lower the Landing and Handling fees for B.G.A.A. members in Romania

To lower the Landing Fees with selected European partners and access to an European network of discounted deals for Aviation

To save pilots money when flying

To create an environment in Romania that supports and facilitate the General Aviation, Ultralight Flying.
To be active on Governmental advocacy in process of changing the Romanian Airports and institutions approach on General Aviation


Business and General Aviation Association  of Romania (B.G.A.A. of Romania) is a real organization promoting General Aviation and having an active role in addressing real issues of flying in Romania, and is different from "AOPA Romania" a organization focused on Ultralight activity.

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