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This page is dedicate to our international friends in order to provide some helpful information about flying in Romania. Romania has some aerodromes used mostly by Ultra Light aircraft and also International Ariports. Romania is not part of Schengen Agreement yet, that means if you flying from abroad you have to land first at one of Airports that have Custom Control.

1. Do I need to file a flight plan?

Any flight VFR or IFR requires a flight plan in Romania, because most of Romania is under Controlled Airspace. Exception to this rule are only UL aircrafts flying under Romanian Aeroclub. All other aircrafts in General Aviation have to submit a flight plan.   Even if you have already landed in Romania , for your next leg you have to fill a flight plan. You can do so through our partner  or through Romanian Flight Authority Romatsa, who accepts free registration
If you departure from a field where you do not have internet access you can either send a fax or announce ARO Briefing as described below in Romanian AIP.

Flight plan submission

A flight plan shall be submitted prior to operating:
a) any flight or portion thereof to be provided with air traffic control service; b) any flight across international borders.

To facilitate the provision of flight information, alerting and search and rescue services, it is recommended to submit a flight plan prior to operating any flight within class G airspace.

Except for repetitive flight plans, a flight plan shall be submitted at least 60 minutes prior to departure.

For any flight which can be affected by ATFM measures, the flight plan shall be submitted at least 3 hours before the estimated off-block time (EOBT).

For flights operated under the IFR or/and VFR, flight plans shall not be submitted more than 120 hours before the estimated off-block time of a flight.

For any IFR flight or IFR part of a VFR/IFR flight arriving, overflying or departing IFPZ, a flight plan shall be submitted, directly or through the responsible ARO/Briefing serving the departure aerodrome, to IFPS.

Departure aerodrome

Responsible ARO/Briefing




ARO/Briefing Timişoara

+40 (0) 256 494 034

+40 (0) 256 494 034


ARO/Briefing Bucureşti Otopeni

+40 (0) 212 032 122 

+40 (0) 212 032 127 

+40 (0) 213 114 315 

+40 (0) 213 114 316

+40 (0) 212 032 127 

+40 (0) 213 114 315


ARO/Briefing Constanţa

+40 (0) 241 742 158

+40 (0) 241 742 158

For any part of a flight that is carried out within IFPZ, flight plan must be submitted in accordance with the provisions contained the above specified documents, preferably using the IFPS readdressing function. 

2. What frequency should I be calling once I cross the boundary ?

All around Romania you should be in contact with Flight Information Services  Romania for VRF flight on frequency 129.40 While flying VFR at low altitude, you may lose contact with FIS station. In that case, continue to fly according to your flight plan, on VFR, and wait for a contact later on. It is advisable if you are nearby any airport facility or Aproach ( TMA) area to contact them too.  The military monitor all romanian air trafic , and although is not mandatory you can reach them on frequncy 130.00 to check if they hve any activity in your area, (Rubin Control, Topaz Control, Onix Control depends on where you're flying, but they all share the same freq.)

3. Where can i land in Romania?

If you are comming from abroad, you can only land in International Airports where you can find Custom controls and in Tuzla Airfield ( LRTZ).

You can find all airports in our Romanian Airports page Romanian Airports

After the initial landing into Romania( Entry Point) you can fly anywhere in Romania as a local flight, and you dont need Custom Control. The Departure flight outside romania has to start, again from an international Airport.

4. Can i fly VFR at night in Romania?

Yes you can. If your licence permits it.

5. Do i need a flight permition to fly in Romania?

No. Flight permision were reqested for General Aviation before 2010.

6. Where do i find fuel in Romania?

AVGAS or 100 LL is available at 

LRBS - Bucharest Baneasa Airport

LRTZ - Tulcea Airport

LRBM - Baia Mare Airport - staring june 2012

JET-FUEL is available at :

al International Airports

MOGAS is available?

To be continued....

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